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It was 1952, some six decades ago from today, Mr. Radhakishan ji Pareek, father of present CMD of the Group Mr. Gopal R. Pareek, an agriculturist from Sanawad, a place some 70 kms. from Indore, used his visionary and took bold decision to be a Dealer of Kirloskars.

It was the time when farmers had taboo of using iron plough for they considered it to be poisonous for their land. In such an environment, Mr. Radhakishan ji Pareek laid a foundation stone of Pareek Group taking Dealership of Kirloskar Engines, Pumps, Iron ploughs etc and strived hard to establish the products in the market to the extend that he used to move in villages riding his bi-cycle and a pump on its carrier Soon, the hardships brought the results and Mr. Radhakishan ji won Best Dealers awards for many times.

Mr. Radhakishan ji & Pareek group was overwhelmed when entire Kirloskar family including Padma Bhushan late Shri Shantunurao L. Kirloskar, Chairman of Kirloskar group visited Sanawad with his wife Smt. Yamutai, son Shri C. S. Kirlokar & his wife Smt. Suman Tai Kirloskar to felicitate Shri Radhakishanji Pareek & his son for completing 25 years of association with Kirloskar in 1977. History repeated itself and Mr. Gopal R. Pareek and his sons were too falicitate by Shri Atul C. Kirloskar, MD of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd; Pune in February 2012 for completion of 60 years association with Kirloskars. The show is continued.

Pareek Group shall always indebted to late Seth Radhakishan ji Pareek the founder of the group.

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